sim lab

Comtrade viewer for fault recorder comtrade files
Function simulator based on javascript model description
SF6/N2 Calculator based on Beattie–Bridgeman equation
Javacsript circuit simulator with some additional circuits | Original by Falstad | Javascript port by Iain Sharp
PSim enviroment for simulating rigid body dynamics | based on ODE

Documentation | Old PSim Installer Win98/2000/XP | MD5: 9c292ccc3051f045ced4ef31725f11eb
PSim Win10 | MD5: d4297757606477538594d664bed31a81
ViS PSim based stand-alone robot simulation | MD5: f15349cbc28db698b55c8dad865b7b42

Litegraph online graphis simulation based on Litegraph.js library


cad lab

DSTV file viewer | DSTV file format
Build your own switchgear | Soon


hardware lab

Customizable monitoring suite

Core: Arduino Due SAM3X ARM Cortex M3 MCU - Ethernet W5100 shield - SD card interface - RTC - GPS
Periphery: INA216 Current Sensor - Relay module - Isolated power supply - Isolated inputs with overvoltage and transient protection - High-speed ADC/DAC
Firmware: Integrated webserver - NTP/GPS timesync - Transient recorder/viewer - Matlab/Simulink RTW link